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Tuesday- 02.22.2022 Channeling

What is the significance of 02.22.2022?

The significance of this time is a remembering an awakening of times that have past that are now rising into the the present times in a way like never before seen on this planet. The meaning of theses times is to step into a place of deep longing to return to your whole truest self which is light and love.

Breaking down the connections of us and them and remembering that is only an illusion and that we are all one energy, one love, one light and are just fractals of each other. Mirror images of ourselves played back to us to help us better understand our truest selves.

Seeing the shadow sides of ourselves help to illuminate the whole. The shadows gives reason for the light and opens up places for the light to come in. It is a part of the creation. Shadows are a reminder of what we have all come here to do which is to experience life and remember once again our one true source. The shadows show us what we are not but at the same time are necessary to illuminate the path back to love. There cannot be a world here without shadows.

What should we do to honor this day?

Focus now on your breath, breathing, in your intentions for the future of this planet for your community, your family, your self. What is it you wish to create? Do you wish to go back to the way things were or do you wish to transcend and create something totally new. You are the creator you are the messenger you are the change that you want to see in the world. Step now into your power and receive the gifts of the universe as they flow effortlessly into your life just by holding the power of love and intention in your hearts.

Listen more deeply for the the signs as they began to show themselves to you in new ways. Slow down enough so you can see, hear and feel the pull into the future you are trying to create. One step, one thought, one breath at a time leading you towards love. Remember you are love, a manifestation of love and held divinely in the hands of love by your creator. Trust the flow, release yourself into the waters.

Embrace all that you love close to your heart and magnify that love as this is the time of highest potential. What you think of today will manifest itself back to you .

Any last messages?

Yes recycle. Recycle old thoughts and turn them into something new. When you recycle you reprogram old patterns, something that is of no more use to you anymore and you break it down back to its pure source only to create something new in your image.

Same thing can be done with thoughts. Tossing the thoughts or objects into the trash does not get rid of them but only bury them deeper and deeper until they become a wound, a sickness. Instead take this thought and hold it in your hands, clean it, purify it, look at it in the light and see what it can become.

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