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Cosmic Gardens

Done with city life we flocked to a manageable two and a half acre farm with our children and dogs in search of a deeper daily connection and devotion to nature. Having outgrown our city lot we are digging in our green thumbs to work with nature to create a preserve to support native bugs, birds and our family.

On our farm we work in harmony with nature by developing our intuitive senses to help co-create our gardens with the intelligent plant life already here. We believe that nature holds it's own intelligence, and through our presence and intention we can work together. Our goal is to help others learn how to develop and cultivate this connection to helps us evolve into a new model of deep sustainability which honors our individual spiritual journeys as well as our interconnectedness with all living things. 



Built in 1986 our house is a part of a small community of homes that are 2-5 acres in size in northern Colorado. The principle behind the farms build in this neighborhood was to preserve open space and have a community of people who either want to raise animals such as horses, chickens or goats or just looking for pasture for their children to run free. 

New to the neighborhood we are brining in new farming techniques with the start of installing the beginnings of a food forest that is starting to take hold in an old horse pasture full of non native grasses. We inherited seven mature apple trees, a barn and two animal runs. Future projects include installing a kitchen and cutting garden closer to our house and welcoming in some chickens.

Be sure to follow our journey and lessons learned! 

Coming in 2022

....maybe also some goats.... 

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