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Channeling of Chief Joseph

Back in 2018 I was taking part in a year long psychic mediation program and during this time I connected closely with one of my guides, Chief Jospeh. Below is the message that came through.

January 2, 2018

Automatic writing- Channeled through Chief Joseph

This is a new time. A time in our lives to take a breath of awareness. Stop moving forward in these programmed ways that are no longer serving you. To reduce stress is to realize and become again who you truly are, and that is love. That is nature and that is a connection to a higher power.

With each breath we have a chance to realize this connection and remember from where we came. Hold true to this feeling and core belief that you are true love and greatness and goddess and pure, unabiding love of harmony, presence, patience and truth.

Love one another as fully as you can and embrace each other in the gifts that you have to share. Gifts of comfort and companionship and acknowledgement of the gifts and bounty of this earth that have been put here to nurture your development.

We have gotten away from seeing the beauty and gifts in our environment and instead are pillaging from something which cannot sustain unlimited replenishment. Instead of taking and reaping we should look at preserving and nurturing this bounty, this beautiful gift of nourishment and light and love. Together- we are all one.

If we hurt this planet we are in truth hurting ourselves and our bodies. Listen to the voices of the wind, of the trees, of the birds. They are all speaking to you , trying to help you remember just where you came- from spirit. We are all one spirit, one body, one expression of this life and are gifted time to experience a new reincarnation in a physical and often dangerous and sad experience.

It was a choice that you chose to be here in past lives before you. A choice to gift yourself this experience. Don't squash it for it is of importance to you here and now. Importance to see and believe and question your soul's existence on this planet.

Yes there are many planets that you have each all been on and in and experienced in many past lives. While this is true it may not be of relevance to you here in this life and that is okay. Allow yourself to be in the knowledge of this fact just as a reminder of your infinite connection to all life force and energy and light.

You are an expression of that pure light and love and that is what we came here to rediscover and remember. It was a journey to get lost and to come back again to know ourselves. This is an expression of our light beings to see and hear and experience pain and suffering but to realize that there is still light and love within ourselves. A meer creation of the infinite responsibility and expression of core consciousness amongst beings of a higher power. The goal of this lifetime is not to resolve old hurts but instead it is to listen to the pains and suffering among those on this planet and say no, I will show you love. you deserve love, you are love, you have love. No one is alone. Together we rise up to higher forms of consciousness and of being of guidance.

We will turn this earthly ship around and refocus again on our planet for our lives do depend on this connection to nature. This connection to people within, before and during this expression of consciousness. Listen to the waves and the patterns in nature to feel harmonized again with this spiritual force of being of understanding of guidance.

Love and peace from one sentient being to another, this is Joseph. Chief of the Nez Pais natives. I am also within you and above you and around you. Guiding you into love and light.

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